Kate Penwarn Thompson Foster/Adoptive Parent/Life Coach for those who want to foster, are fostering want to foster to adopt, or have already adopted.

This is my amazing family

Before this amazing gathering, I had four children biologically.

I adopted eight.

Because I was a foster parent.

Are you already a foster/adoptive parent?

Or are you considering this journey?

What are your questions?

What is the thought about fostering that keeps coming back?

You can go here to find out about being a foster to adopt parent.

I loved the years I fostered and am now involved in encouraging others to become a foster parent.

I also know what a job it is to parent these “lost” children.

The joys, the sorrows, the loss sometimes and the need for support.

Parenting a child that has lost their family, is not an easy task.

But, it is a very rewarding one.

You might have already adopted a child, and struggling with some of the issues that your child can have as they grow up and need more knowledge.

As our eight have been growing up, I have had to answer their questions.

Each child has had different questions, and different needs.

What are your questions?  What can I help you with?

If you are already a foster parent, or an  adoptive parent, and would love to talk, or would love some support go here .

Remember, “It is better to build a child, than fix an adult.”  Dave Thomas