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And they grow up, what then?

Just like having biological children, your commitment to your adopted child never ends.

Unfortunately, I’ve experienced a situation where that hasn’t mattered to adoptive parents, and it affected my life greatly.

You see I was privileged to rescue a “dumped” adopted child who landed back in his birthplace, West Africa, Liberia.

I’m not going to elaborate here, you can go get my book “Finding Friday” and read all about it. Of course, names and places are changed to protect children, but I was there, I experienced the whole sad saga. Here’s the LINK to buy or peruse. Here’s the FB page LINK.

What I do know, and did know then, that you don’t adopt a child lightly. You have a lifetime commitment just like you birthed them.

I’ve been lucky. I’ve experienced it all when it comes to adoption and fostering. Most of my kids had special needs ranging from mental, physical, and abusive situations. They also ranged from newborn to 17 years of age.

And, yes, from newborn to 17years they all needed a lot of attention. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

I’ve experienced what I call “womb trauma” with a child whose experiences in the womb were horrendous and affected her after birth.

I’ve had newborns delivered on oxygen and monitors, twins, who weighed in at 4lbs at nearly three months old. Oh boy! What a ride that has been to nearly 20 years old.

I’ve had the 20-month-old twins who came for the weekend and are now nearly 25! That ride has been a roller coaster, which will smooth out because they were sent to me and God never fails.

I could go on and on, but each one who stayed and went to the courthouse to officially become a Thompson, are mine for life. Not until they get too much, or become difficult, but for life.

As they grew, I had to grow as well. I found Life Coaching and am triple certified. Best therapy I ever had, and it made me understand and accept situations I couldn’t change, but be able to allow my children to be who they were without judgment. It also taught me I could control my emotions through my thoughts which made for more understanding of special needs that grew into a greater need for attention.

But, then through that, I found something that added to Life Coaching made teaching my children about mindsets so much more powerful!

The sense of smell.

You see all traumas, joy, disappointments and happy moments are stored in one place in the brain and that part is highly sensitive to smell.

This was where I discovered Essential Oils and the power of what they can do.

This is where I discovered and certified as an Aroma Freedom Technique Practioner. This has changed my family’s life.

I would love to help you if you struggle with emotions around handling your children’s needs. In fact, I would love to gift you a ten-minute easy process that can reset your day and your feelings around it.

Just go HERE and let’s have a virtual coffee chat where I CAN help you with the struggle you are currently having. How do I know you struggle? Oh, eight children, and 24 years later, there are daily struggles, and I’m thankful to have the tools to help.

Let me help you (on the house.) Just click HERE!

Have a wonderful day!

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