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When Adoption Seems Impossible.

Did your road to adoption start out with energy and hope?

Has it got a little jaded and anxious on the way?

Well, you are not alone.

We have adopted eight kids and not one of those paths were easy.

We only really went through three adoption processes because we were blessed with three sets of twins, but every journey provided it’s own difficulties to overcome.

We also fostered a child from a broken adoption.  His journey was arduous.  It was often filled with negativity, legal battles, and even the long silences where we were terrified that he would be subjected to living in primitive housing in the middle of the Interior in West Africa.

But, I never gave up hope, and I always believed that God has sent these children to us.

And, I never worried about money, or where it would come from. I trusted God would provide and he did.

Adoption can be expensive, especially if it is private or an overseas adoption, and keeping your faith on the journey can sometimes be difficult.

I have for a long time now, helped and encouraged others to foster children, or foster to adopt, or adopt a child if fostering is not for you.

If you are struggling, I would love to help you.

I have been there and walked in your shoes many times, and yes, even to disappointment when it didn’t work out.

The loss is hard.

The waiting is worse and consumes every thought.

I studied and certified to be a Life Coach because I want to help YOU.

If you want to talk, ask me questions about anything, I am offering you a free one hour coaching call.

Just click HERE sign up and I will contact you to make a time to chat.

Sometimes we have to sail through the storms!

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