When Hard Looks Like Impossible


Ok, revealing truths here, to some, but probably most.  We rescued a child from Liberia some seven, yes seven years ago.  I wrote a series of blogs about that, which I will rescue and retrieve so you can have all of the back story.  But, now, seven, yes, seven years later I am back in rescue mode.

This young man, now not quite twenty one, was thirteen and a bit when I rescued him from Liberia, after being “left”  there by his adoptive parents who lived in the USA.  I have never prosecuted, or condemned them, but I do NOT approve of their parenting decisions.

So, I get him back, angry, with layers of PTSD along with RAD (Attachment issues with reactions) and know I am his only advocate, and his only hope not being abandoned again..  He has been previously been abandoned on more than three levels.  Hence trauma, leading to PTSD, on three layers, one for each abandonment.

I have a rule here guys.  No one who comes after gets to interfere with the ones before.  Hey, broken!!!!!  BROKEN!  Well, no choice really, another rule broken!???  Yup, because when kids need you that desperately, you step up.

My amazing family said, “break it” meaning the rule.  We did. We spent finances we didn’t have, we relied on God, but we did bring him back, in a state of fear.  Here is the link to my book “Finding Friday” where you can read the whole story, told in fiction based on fact.

His fear was that genuine.  He was afraid he would be condemned again, sent back to living in raw survival mode.  A desperate person.  He survived, and right now he is trying to survive a terrible car crash.  It is only a miracle that he is even alive, but God did not rescue him from certain death in Liberia, twice, for his life to be ended in the wreckage of a car.  I could feel somewhat desperate because he is in another state, and I am having trouble getting updates for several reasons.

But, desperation leads us to so many things.  I could name it and claim it.  Been there, got the crown.  Cause I didn’t really believe in the Law of Allowing, or, in other terms, unconditional love . I thought I did, until I was challenged.  If you don’t understand what I am saying, please sign up and email me.  I will give you a free coaching session that will clarify this for you.

Last mention, cause I will write another blog about this.  But, dang, whatever, one of  my other children  had another seizure in her sleep on the couch today.  So how do I feel?  What am I thinking?  Am I destroyed?

Ah, no.  Contact and find out why.

To be continued……..

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