The Ten Tools For Foster/Adoptive Parents:


You’re a strong woman and you have a strong marriage.  You have wanted to have children of your own, and perhaps help out some other kids by fostering.  But then you hit a snag.  The children didn’t arrive as you wanted them to.  You began thinking you might like to foster or adopt a child.

You’ve heard lots of stories about fostering or adopting locally but you are reluctant to take the first step.  You’d like to think it was easy but you know from all your inquiries that it takes time.  You worry that you might not be a good foster or adoptive parent and that your home or your income might not fit the criteria required.

You’re also afraid of how you will feel if you foster a child and then the child leaves.  You wonder if you can handle the pain of losing a child that you have come to love.

There is hope and there is the help!

You want to find the right steps so you can become a foster or adoptive parent.  You’d like to know what Foster and Adoption Agency options you have and how much training is involved.

You wish you could feel confident about all the paperwork you have heard is involved and what time frame you have to complete it.  You’d like to know what other requirements are needed such as housing, income and the ages of children that are available for foster care or adoption.

You’d like to know how to handle a child that isn’t fitting in well because of bad behaviors.  You wonder if there is help and support to teach you how to make the best home for your foster or adoptive child.

Do any of these thoughts feel familiar?

  • You’re concerned about whether you can care for a child, love it and then the child leaves.
  • You worry you won’t be able to handle all the paperwork involved.
  • You’d like to foster a baby but don’t know whether babies are available or if fostering newborn babies is even possible.
  • You’re afraid you might get a child who has behaviors you don’t know how to handle.

You don’t have to be afraid or worry anymore!

I am a Life Coach that helps parents lose their doubts about fostering or adopting children, get a clear understanding of the requirements and gain confidence in their decision.  During “Ten Tools For Foster/Adoptive Parents” you’ll begin to see how you can leave your worries and concerns behind you.  When we’re done you’ll feel relieved and sure of your skills, knowing exactly what steps are needed to move forward.

As a result of this coaching program you will:

  • Know how to care and love the child placed in your home whether the child leaves or stays.
  • Understand exactly what paperwork is required and feel confident that you can complete it.
  • Realize that children of all ages come into care and you can choose what age group you prefer to foster or adopt.
  • Be assured that you will have support and training to handle children with difficult behaviors.

This package includes all of the following:

Getting to know what you want questions:

These questions will help you get a deeper understanding of what motivates you to become a foster/adoptive parent, and what concerns you have about moving forward.  When you identify these, and how they make you fee, you will feel good about beginning the training needed to qualify as a foster/adoptive parent.

The how to make your next move 60-minute coaching call:

In this 60-minute coaching session, you’ll begin to understand how you can move past the feelings of fear and worry that are stopping you from taking the next step.  You’ll have a clear understanding of the requirements needed to Foster/Adopt a child and feel excited and hopeful again.  Knowing the answers will help you feel positive about your new life ahead.

The check-list workbook:

After our call, I will send you an easy but powerful workbook that will build on our call, and help you identify where your doubts and fears are coming from.  This workbook is going to help you get rid of the nagging worries and feel positive about your new life with your future foster or adopted child.

Check-in call:

Two weeks after our 60-minute private coaching call, you’ll have a 30-minute check-in call.  I’ll be ready to hear about the progress you’re making to claim the family you desire.  We’ll make any adjustments we need to so you can feel excited and encouraged to begin your Foster/Adoptive journey.


Are you ready to move on to your new family! Great!  Then let’s leave those doubts behind!  Here’s how to get started!

Step 1.  Make your payment here [wp_cart_button name=” The Ten Tools For Foster/Adoptive Parents” price=”99.00″] [show_wp_shopping_cart]
Step 2.  Within the next 24 hours of making your payment, you will receive an email with the “Getting To Know What You Want questions.”   You will also get instructions on how to book your first 60- minute session.
Step 3.  Then we will hold your first session and get you started on how to make your next move to your new beginning.
I am so excited to work with you!!  Any questions?

Email me!