My Music – All foster/adoption songs that will touch your heart……


I am writing this new music about all the instances I am in the midst of.  While I am not a foster parent anymore, I do teach, coach and write about all that is in my life.  With eight children growing into teenagers, there are more stories to tell.  Knowing now about Africa, Liberia to be specific, my heart aches for these children, these Lost Children, in a world that doesn’t care.  Please remember these are songs that are not quite finished in the technical sense, but I so want you to hear the message of my heart.  This is not available to buy right now, but I am accepting pre-sales.  Please email me if you are interested.  There are always bonuses for those who sign up early.


He Cries As He Watches Her Dance

Just Me And You




This is the music I wrote for each child and the struggles they went through.  Not only to be born but to survive.  All refer to our children that stayed and are now lovingly dubbed “The New Thompson” over the “Thompson Classic”.  A name was given by my #4 child who has a riotous sense of humor, and a full heart of love and compassion for his brothers and sisters.  Run To, I wrote for a child that we rescued from Liberia after he had been cruelly dumped back on the streets of Monrovia having spent most of his life in America.   Here is the link to my music.  Below you can listen to a clip from each song.

Run To


Mommy Did You Know

Just A Memory

Here I Go Again

Broken Hearts And Broken Wings

She’s My Special One

My Child