FRIDAY was his birth name, Noah was what he was called, and he was terrified.  Because of “crimes” he had committed against his adopted family in America, he found himself abandoned back in his birth country of Liberia, waiting, hoping someone from his birth family would rescue him from this terrible aloneness.  The three weeks he roamed the streets, spending his money from America on food, became an endless fear as he faced a gun held to his head, and witnessed the relentless crushing poverty that was daily life on the streets of Monrovia.
His great aunt finally came and took him to the depths of the African interior where almost immediately he became sick with malaria and tackled other challenges he was ill-prepared to handle.  After nearly five months, he woke up to the news that another family was bringing him back to America.
Terror flooded him again because his first adoptive father had threatened him never to return.  FRIDAY’s trust in anyone was shattered, and he silently vowed he would always keep in control of his life.
Finding Friday is the story of a boy’s movement from hopelessness to hope, the challenges a loving foster family encountered in helping him along his life’s journey, and the unexpected door God opened for him.
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Cover of Is Eight Enough


This is an account of Kate’s personal journey through the world of fostering and adopting children from the Department of Family And Children’s Services.  It is warm, funny and opens eyes to the forgotten world of the lost children, who are sometimes in the system for years.  It also shows how these children can bring joy into the lives of those who are prepared to touch theirs.
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