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Help! They’re growing personalities, what do I do now?

Once upon a time they were babies, then in a flash they’re grown.

The journey has been joyous, and the journey has been tough.

I can say we’ve all survived.

I can say we’re all thriving.

Each one has had their own struggle and each one has managed to find a path that’s leading to their future.

Some of them have struggled more than the others, and some have had the personality to take the bull by the horns and create their futures.

One of our long term foster children had a tragic accident. One I didn’t think he would recover from, but prayer was answered and his journey from Africa, not once but twice, was not in vain.

Two decided they would go live with the birth family for a little while.

All good intentions on their side, not so much on the other.


Ah, not such a good idea and both ran back home very quickly.

Did they all grow up as I thought they would?


Did they all grow up as God planned?


We have our first out of the eight getting married in just seven weeks.

Exciting to say the least, and so unique to her personality and drive.

They all still have rows to hoe and hills to climb, but I’m thankful they know who is their family and where they can come to in times of trouble.

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