Just What Do I Do



I am qualified in many areas, but the most rewarding area of my life is working with what I call “The Lost Children“.

These are the children that fall through the cracks, the ones that never find their forever home.

This was not a want, this was a calling on my life.  A calling from God, or whoever you want to be your higher power, for me that is only God.

I thought I “fell” into this, but I was led, artfully, intentionally, and deliberately into the wonderful world of Fostering, and eventually into Adoption.

I have had standing ovations from five thousand people, yes, you heard me, but, even though there was no applause, the most rewarding moments of my life have been in the foster/adoptive parent area.

Children are precious to God.  Did you know that if every church in America took one child in foster care there would not need to be a system to take care of them?

“Suffer the little children, let them come unto me”

So I laid down my life, my career and followed the call.  The one that led children, suffering children come into my house.  I was blessed beyond measure. I AM blessed.

And yes, the laying down led to the rising up.

To speak

To teach

To inform

To rescue

If you do not understand this, then that is OK, but if you hear that voice, the small one that tugs at your heart, then listen, listen carefully.

You could walk in blessed shoes.  You could experience and help lead these “Lost Children” to a forever family.

It may not be your home they stay forever, but you will be led to find that for them.

Is there no greater privilege?

I could not keep all of the children that God sent to my home.  But the ones that were meant to stay did.  A few more than I expected but not one that didn’t belong.




Prepare to be led into the greatest adventure of your life!

If this resounds in your heart, in your spirit, please contact me.  I would love to give you a free fifteen minute Life Coaching Session and find out if this is really for you.

The path awaits you.


My blessings!


And yes there are three sets of twins!